graduation and beyond

Approximately a month ago, I wrapped up my four years at Northwestern University. My college experience, colored in its final two years by the COVID-19 pandemic, was an exercise in patience, perseverance, and trial by fire. The best lessons I learned were happy accidents- byproducts of throwing myself head first into whatever opportunity or experience awaited me next. This led me down a path that extended beyond performing, and into the world of music direction, writing, and orchestration. Now that I’ve spent some time honing my craft as a music director & orchestrator, I’m proud to announce that in August, I made my professional music direction debut at Maine State Music Theatre. This is my first job postgrad, and I was thrilled to be working alongside other young people in our fellowship company in addition to the veteran equity casts that join MSMT later in the season. Following the MSMT season, I’m intending to move further in to the city of Chicago to develop new music, perform, and work in the city as the world of performing arts begins to reemerge from the pandemic. Thrilled to be headed back to a city that I’ve loved since I was a little kid driving up with my parents to go the aquarium.

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